Sunday, April 17, 2011

An email response to an old friend from X City who asked me to help find her friends moving to A Town (Altruistic Town) some friends when the arrive:
"I was hoping you'd know a few people of a
vegetarian bent to introduce them to."
My response: 
Just what A Town needs, another well meaning white couple who want to save the world one vegetable and bike tire at a time:)  You will fit in PERFECTLY here.  I on the other hand refuse to compost, and literally am the only one in A Town I know without a bike accept my "partner" Sam.  Sam is a man, but for some reason white liberals out here like to say partner... I think its rude... stealing from the lesbians ya know?

In any event, I have lots of friends that I don't really need or like that much and you are welcome to them.  Kidding... kind of... I do like them but you are welcome to them.  They ride their bikes (and have to tell me that they ride their bike), plant things, eat vegetables (which I do to but I don't understand having to discuss it so much...), and use the word community a lot.  They also like to use the word sustainable... but very few of them have full time jobs, so I don't understand how they sustain themselves. 

Any chance you are musicians? I am still looking for talent for my summer wedding:)

Congratulations on being the second person to move to A Town with a JOB.... your WAY ahead of the game.

If you still want to meet me or my friends (who are WAY LESS obnoxious than I) after this email... I would be happy to show you around and introduce you to some crunchy earth loving and self righteous people (including myself) and my man partner.


[in response to Jennifer telling me about entering a PhD program]
PS: Jennifer, congrats on not selling out, getting that degree, and pressing on.  I once was an intellectual... now I strive towards barefoot in the kitchen... weird how things turn out.

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